Planning a Kids Party in Perth

5 Things to Consider When Planning a Kids Party in Perth

  • August 11,2021
  • Posted By: gamevaultperthadmin

There are a few things to consider when planning a kids party in Perth. Before writing a guest list or buying party decorations, Game Vault advise that you take the time to put your plan on paper.

Pre-planning the party will save time, money and any unwanted stress on the day.

1. The Birthday Boy or Girl

Consider the age of the child along with their likes and dislikes, personality and attention span. The theme of the party as well as the duration needs to be planned around them.

2. Have a Budget

Don’t spend any money until you have considered your budget. Think about how much you can you spend or how much you are willing to spend.  When planning your budget consider the following:

– Invitations

– Cake and other foods

– Drinks

– Presents

– Entertainment/venue

– Decorations

3. Choose a Theme

When planning your child’s party, remember to consider what your theme is so you can try to have every detail relate to it. This includes invitations, decorations, cake and food.

4. Choose a Venue

The availability of space for your child’s party can dictate the number of guests and duration. If your budget allows, you have the option of holding the party at a venue. If you are on a tight budget and want to save money by having your party at your home, look at the possibilities around your home. Do you have adequate space outside or would you prefer to have an inside party?

5. Number of Guests

It is very important to consider the number of expected guests when planning your child’s party. Will you keep all of them entertained at once?

One way to keep all the kids entertained at once is to hire a game truck.

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