A Non-Gamers Gift Guide to Gifting the Perfect Gift to a Gamer This Christmas

  • December 11,2019
  • Posted By: gamevaultperthadmin

A Non-Gamers Gift Guide to Gifting the Perfect Gift to a Gamer This Christmas:

The festive season is well and truly upon us. 

The thermostats in Perth are soaring. The kids are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for school to finish up for the year. Mum’s trying to figure out how to avoid Aunt Linda at this year’s Christmas Day celebrations and gamers all over the country are anticipating an influx of new gadgets, games and gaming paraphernalia. The thing is… Mum and Aunt Linda have no idea what to get you, they still think that you’re into that game that came out five years ago, you’d rather they just get you a gift voucher so that you can go out and pick what it is that you really want but they insist “it’s the same as a ‘proper’ gift,” you cringe. It’s the same story every year, except this year you’ve landed up on our website trying to find a post that you can forward to Mum and Aunt Linda… 

Here’s that post. 

What to Gift a Gamer This Christmas:

Nintendo Switch Lite 

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success this year, with over 41 million units sold world wide, and it’s really no wonder with its mobile capabilities and multiplayer ease. Then came it’s little brother, the Nintendo Switch Lite, a device that is dedicated to handheld gaming, it offers endless entertainment options on vibrant screen at a reasonable cost. 

While these devices are mostly intended for individual game play, Nintendo has ensured that multiplayer options are available. You can link up to 8 Nintendo Switch Lites together to play multiplayer games anywhere. You can also purchase an online membership to play with other gamers in the virtual space. 

Where to buy it:\

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

Transport the gamer in your life to a virtual world, where all their senses are heightened and treated to an array of stimulus. This amazing headset and controllers allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in gameplay, 

The best part is that this device has built in sensors which translate your movements into the virtual reality and provide room-scale tracking. The controllers also allow your hand movements and gestures to appear in the game world, intuitively and with realistic precision. 

Where to buy it:

Sega Megadrive Mini

Being a 90s kid is not a requirement for enjoying this old school device and all of its 16 bit glory. 

This recently recreated console has been created as a homage to the traditional Sega consoles that have been loved through the decades. Its retro look and inbuilt 40 games will hit you right in the nostalgia bone. You’ll have the whole family enjoying classics like Sonic the Hedgehog and ToeJame & Earl. 

Where to buy it:

Netgear Nighthawk S800

This device looks like it was brought back to Earth from some alien civilisation who lives on Mars and is about 500 million lightyears more technically advanced than us humans. Truth be told, it basically is one of the greatest things that has ever been invented by humans… it’s an ethernet switch that has been specifically created to allow uninterrupted streaming and gameplay. It’s 8 port design and traffic prioritisation means that users have the option to control multiple connections in an easy way. This is one of the best gamer routers ever. 

Where to buy it:

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