Birthday Party in Perth

Global Traditions for a Birthday Party in Perth

  • July 14, 2021
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There are many birthday traditions we all follow when having a childs birthday party in Perth. These include sending cards, gift giving and eating birthday cake. What you may not know is other countries have their own unique traditions also. Just for fun we have put a list of these together. You may fancy using some at your childs next birthday party in Perth! Check out some of these global birthday customs, starting with our very own tradition; Australia - Kids eat fairy bread, which as you may know, is simply bread with butter and sprinkles on top. A hit[Read More]

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Parent Tips for Kids Parties in Perth

  • June 30, 2021
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For this article we have decided to put together some parent tips for kids parties in Perth. When your child is young, a birthday party is a relatively easy thing to organise. Usually there are only a few family members and a few close friends. However as they get older and reach school age, parties become a much bigger deal, with a lot more to organise and consider. Below are our tips to make this as stress free and easy as possible. When to invite people Between a week and 10 days is plenty of notice for a child’s party.[Read More]

Keeping Kids Entertained at Home During School Holidays in Perth

  • June 16, 2021
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With the school holidays in Perth just around the corner, parents will be looking for ways to keep their kids busy and entertained. Below we have put together a list of affordable activities that will keep them busy during their time off without them using their iPad! Reading Taking your child to your local library will allow them to choose their own books to read. Books are a great time-filler, a perfect “quiet time” activity and a way to practice language skills as well as broadening their imagination. Painting, Drawing, Colouring Grab some pencils, paints or texters along with some[Read More]

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Benefits of School Incursions for Kids in Perth

  • June 2, 2021
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School incursions have several benefits for kids. In some instances, they can actually be a better alternative to excursions. The Benefits of School Incursions for Kids in Perth 1) School incursions are hands-on, making learning interactive and fun for all kids involved 2) Helps to develop children's critical thinking and problem solving skills 3) Kids will get to interact and communicate with other kids, assisting in building language skills, social skills and overall confidence 4) All kids get to participate in the fun 5) Promotes teamwork and cooperation amongst children 6) Allows students to expand on their knowledge by bringing[Read More]

Vacation Care Incursions in Perth

School & Vacation Care Incursions in Perth

  • May 19, 2021
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School and vacation care incursions in Perth are activities organised by the school or childcare centre, whereby outside entertainment visits to provide fun for the children. Other than being great fun, school and vacation care incursions help to extend learning and social opportunities beyond the classroom environment. This teaches kids that learning and socialising are not just limited to school alone. They provide children with shared experiences and a sense of social team work. The best part is that the kids stay at school or childcare and engage in the incursion activity on the grounds. There are no transport arrangements[Read More]

Winter Birthday Party Ideas in Perth

Winter Birthday Party Ideas in Perth

  • May 5, 2021
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Now that the colder weather is approaching, you may be struggling for winter birthday party ideas in Perth for your child. Outdoor parties in the wind and rain aren't much fun! So below are some ideas to still give your kids a great party even during winter. 1. SLUMBER PARTY This classic is also the least inexpensive. The kids can play together, eat pizza, make cookies and watch a movie.  No decorations are needed and no major cleaning up is required. 2. INDOOR ENTERTAINMENT VENUES This could be ice skating, laser tag, swimming or even just fun at Maccas with[Read More]