Competitive Gaming Party Perth

Competitive Gaming Party

  • July 28,2021
  • Posted By: gamevaultperthadmin

Competitive gaming for kids can be a very positive activity. It teaches them that competition can be fun and doesn’t always need to be serious.

There are benefits to competitve gaming which can teach children some valuable life skills including;

Learning not to fear competition

Learning how to handle pressure

Learning how to handle defeat gracefully

Teaches self discipline

A study has also found that participation in video games helps children with collaboration, strategic thinking and sportsmanship. The developmental stages a child goes through honing those skills increases their self-confidence, which in turn has been proven to lead to better academic results.

Just take a look at the competitive fun this group of kids had celebrating their friends 8th birthday in Aubin Grove.

With the birthday boy being a competitive gamer his parents already had an idea of the type of party to have for him and found Game Vault!

The cool thing about a game truck birthday party is that it’s like one big lounge room where the kids can enjoy some competitve gaming in a safe and comfortable environment.

Does your child enjoy competitive gaming and have a birthday coming up?

If so, get in touch with the team at Game Vault to book the coolest birthday experience in Perth!

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