How To Plan An Autism Friendly Party in Perth

  • August 25,2021
  • Posted By: gamevaultperthadmin

For this article we have decided to provide tips on how to plan an autism friendly party in Perth. Having provided entertainment for many autistic children, we understand how stressful this can be for a parent.

Choose a theme your child likes

By focusing on the birthday child’s interests, you are more likely to keep them engaged and help avoid them becoming overwhelmed.

Think about their guests

Low-key parties with just family are less overwhelming for a child with autism. This allows parents and children to relax and just be themselves.

Depending on your child, inviting a small group of carefully chosen friends maybe an option. Their friends should be kids who will be understanding and compassionate when the birthday childs needs to take a break or have a time out.

Find an autism friendly venue

A birthday party is not the ideal time to introduce a new environment to a child with autism. For this reason it’s important that wherever you choose, has a team that are used to dealing with children with autism.

You should explain the situation to the chosen venue to ensure they are equipped to deal with any potential meltdowns.

Find an alternative to usual treats

Kids that consume too much sugar become hyperactive. Throw autism in to the mix and you have a recipe for a very stressful party. Do your best to steer clear of high sugar foods. Instead offer fruit options before the cake comes out.

Accepting Gifts

Most autistic children do not like being the center of attention. For some, the pressure of opening gifts with everyone watching is just too much.

Therefore explain to parents that the gift their child brings will be opened later after the party to avoid a stressful situation. Once opened, it’s a good idea to have your child write thank you notes so they still have a way of showing their gratitude.

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