How to Throw the Perfect Kids Birthday Party in Perth

  • January 28,2020
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How to Throw the Perfect Kids Birthday Party in Perth

So it’s coming up to your kids birthday and the thought of organising a party makes your knees weak and your stomach churn. There’s so much to consider, so many expectations to be met, but you don’t want your kid to be that one kid who never has a party, so you bare your teeth and soldier on. It’s time to plan the best kids’ birthday party Perth has ever seen, “where on earth do I start?” you ask yourself, well, that’s where we come in. 

We’ve created a list of steps to help you throw the party of your child’s dreams. 

Step 1: Who are you inviting? 

First thing is first, you’ve got to prepare a guest list. 

Remember, you aren’t required to invite your child’s whole class, as a rule of thumb most kids’ parties consist of 4 – 8 guests. 

By narrowing the guest list down first, it means that you can have a better idea of the type of party you want to throw and the budget that you can/should allow yourself. 

Kids Birthday Party in PerthStep 2: When’s the party?

It’s important to keep in mind that school aged kids have a lot of commitments, weekends tend to be jam packed with activities such as sports, dance and music lessons. Consider the time of year, summer holidays and major holidays such as Easter and Christmas are pretty much a write off. 

If you’re only inviting a small number of guests, it’s always a good idea to have a chat with the parents to discuss what days work best for them. 

It’s important to give people at least three weeks notice, ideally a months notice is best. Anything earlier than that and people will forget about the party, any later and they’ll struggle to be able to make it. 

And of course pick a time of day. For younger kids you’ll want a shorter time slot closer to the beginning of the day, whilst older kids prefer more time, later on in the day. 

Step 3: Where? 

Here’s an easy way of deciding whether or not you should have an at-home party: can you be bothered cleaning up? If you answered ‘yes’, then you can have an at-home party which means spending no money on a venue and being able to go all out on other aspects of the event. If you answered ‘no’ then you should probably think about hiring a venue that does the cleaning up for you, it will cost you more money but it does have its pros! 

Step 4: What’s your budget?Kids Birthday Party in Perth

Once you’ve got your guest list, picked a date and time, and decided where you’d like to throw the party, it’s time to think about your budget. On average parents spend about $250 on their kids’ birthday party. Although at-home parties = not having to pay for a venue, you will probably spend the money on something else, like hiring entertainment (aka US!)

Step 5: Is there a theme? 

After you’ve got all the big stuff out of the way, it’s probably a good time to ask your child about a theme. Some kids won’t want a theme, whilst others will be set on one from the get-go. Theme’s are a super easy way to add some fun to the party. What are our top themes? 

  • 🟢 Retro gaming 
  • 🟢 Minecraft 
  • 🟢 Super Mario 
  • 🟢 Fortnite 

Step 6: Have you thought about the clean up?

Cleaning up after a party is always the worst part, nobody wants to do it, but it has to be done. Make sure that you’re thinking about easy clean up options when you’re organising everything, we suggest disposable plates, napkins, cups etc. 

Basically all that’s left to do after going through this list is to throw the party! 

If you’d like to have a fuss-free at-home birthday party, get in touch with the Team at the Game Vault, we can help you bring that vision to life.

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