Online Gaming Safety

Online Gaming Safety

  • September 22,2021
  • Posted By: gamevaultperthadmin

Online gaming is now one of the most popular past times for kids.

Whether that be on a PC, Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo, there are endless options available to play online.

During online gaming, consoles allow players to chat, message and play with people from all over the globe. This is why online gaming safety is so important.

Consoles actually allow parental settings which need to be taken advantage of if you have younger children that will be using them.

With no parental settings in place, people from all over the world can talk to your child, either by talking over a headset or sending them instant messages.

Online gaming is great if your child is simply chatting to their mates or family. However, if the parental settings are not in place, then anyone can contact them.

This could lead to online grooming, extraction of personal details and indecent behaviour.

Staying Safe Online

When playing games online, people usually use an assumed identity or username – meaning you have no idea who you are playing against. This anonymity allows unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of others, especially kids.

The chat facility also means that you are taking part in conversations which are unregulated and unfiltered, opening yourself up to abusive language or accidentally giving away personal details.

You must make sure your child understands not to give away any personal information – passwords, real names, address, etc.

In addition, Game Vault highly recommend that you take the following precautions when your kids play games online;

  • – Choose a username that does not reveal any personal information
  • – Use strong passwords
  • – Don’t reveal personal details to other players
  • – Be wary of scammers when buying or selling virtual goods in the game when required to pay in real money
  • – If you get rid of your gaming console, ensure that all personal information has been erased

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