Your Guide to Fringe World’s Ultimate Family Friendly Events in Perth

  • January 14,2020
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What do you call a combination of music, comedy, dance, circus and SO MUCH MORE!? … You call it Fringe World, of course!

Fringe World is the largest annual festival featuring family friendly events in Perth, every year it’s visited by thousands of people – there’s something for everyone in this dreamy wonderland of entertainment.

The Festival provides a platform for local artists, with more than 74 percent of participating artists coming from WA, alongside performances by artists from Australia and all over the world. So if you’re looking for something to do with the whole family these school holidays, then you have got to check out some of the AMAZING shows that are on offer.

The festival begins on January 17th and continues until 16th February 2020, with over 150 venues and more than 100 different shows, what’s not to love?

Trying to decide which shows to attend can be a difficult task, especially with all that variety to pick from, but luckily for you, The Game Vault has put together a list of our top rated family friendly events at this year’s Fringe World!

Family Friendly Events in Perth

3 Speed Crunch Box Reboot

Presented by Nicholas Clark Management comes the world turning, crazy family stunt show. Expect outlandish people, extraordinary acrobatics and spectacular tricks that you will have to see to believe!

Critics are saying it’s “Lol stupidity, side splitting slap stick, nail biting circus tricks, and a phenomenal finish!” This show is about introducing children to the world of creating a slapstick, acrobatic show. Buddings performers will love this one!

Venue:Teatro at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Dates: 22nd Jan – 2nd Feb


  • Adults: $24.00
  • Kids (12 and under:) $16.00
  • Groups (6+): $21.00

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4some of Awesome Kids

This might just be Perth’s BEST stage show for kids. 4some of Awesome Kids, brings together some of our most well-known and loved local performers, telling a story of what happens in a classroom when you leave a pyromaniac, a class clown, a science nerd and a downright weirdo to entertain the kids… Mayhem and magic! Their love for attention has them showing off their most ridiculous tricks, you’ll laugh your head off with this one.

Venue: Big Top at Sunset Veranda

Dates: 1st Feb – 2nd Feb


  • Adults: $16.00
  • Friendz Frenzy: $11.50
  • Kids under 12 : $11.00
  • Family: $11.00
  • Group (6+): $11.00

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Family Friendly Events in Perth

Abracadabra & Other Useless Magic Words

Jon Madd brings to Perth his rock and roll magic show and workshop that will have you learning a few tricks of the trade. Magicians’ name rings a bell? You might remember Maddgical Madd from Australia’s Got Talent! The Australian Times says, “Madd’s sheer love of magic tricks shines through as he plays with the children he teaches!”

This show is a sensation of all around good vibes and lots of fun!

Venue: Deluxe at The Ice Cream Factory

Dates: 9th Feb – 16th Feb


  • Adult: $21.00
  • Friends frenzy: $15.00
  • Kids (under 12): $16.00
  • Family: $16.00
  • Group (6+): $16.00

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Bored of the same old, same old, evening on the couch in front of the telly? Well, here’s something a little more exciting.

Be a part of a LIVE audience recording by CirQuest Circus, a training school for acrobats, clowns and other emerging talent, located here in WA.

Venue: CirQuest Circus HQ

Dates: 29th Jan – 1st Feb


  • Full price: $10.00
  • Family: $7.50
  • Group (6+): $7.50

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Disco Kids: The original and best kids rave party

Get groovy with the whole family at the best kids rave party in town! Real club DJs spin classic disco, funk & club mashups with added bubbles balloons.

Plus, bonus for the parents – there’s a fully functioning bar!

Venue: Red Room at The Court

Dates: 18th Jan – 9th Feb


  • Adults: $17.00
  • Group (6+): $12.00
  • Family: $15.00
  • Kids under 12: $14.00

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Once Upon a Fractured Fairytale

You have got to checkout this musical by kids, for kids. It’s been written, produced and acted out by kids.

Be thoroughly entertained by a group of some of Perth’s youngest, local talent as they capture our favourite fairytale characters and send them to an alternate universe!

Venue: Big Top at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Dates: 8th Feb – 16th Feb


  • Adult: $24.00
  • Friend frenzy: $17.00
  • Group (6+): $20.00
  • Family: $20.00
  • Kids (under 12): 22.00

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