To book your party, phone 0419 903 922 or email info@gamevaultperth.com.au

Game Vault travels within a 40km radius of Perth CBD. Any party or event outside of this radius may incur a fuel surcharge.

We arrive at your location approximately 20-30 minutes early to park and set-up. Please ensure the designated area is clear of vehicles so we can park up immediately and setup on time for the commencement of your party. When it’s ready, your guests are given a short introduction, the doors swing open, and the ultimate party begins! Our Game Coach is always on-hand to offer tips and handle requests. When it’s over, we simply shut down, pack up, and drive off.

No! Thanks to Telstra Wanneroo, our Game Vault vehicles are fitted out with the latest 4G Mobile Network. Note, Telstra’s network connections can vary in different areas which may affect the gaming experience. Game Vault will not be held responsible for any network coverage or server connection issues.

Our Game Vault Trailer (GV01) can accommodate up to 16 players inside and our Game Vault Truck (GV02) can accommodate up to 12 players inside.

Game Vault has a few different options which can help you raise funds for your organisation. For more information, please email us your details info@gamevaultperth.com.au

Yes. Game Vault is climate controlled to ensure gamers play in comfort all year-round – rain, hail, or shine!

Yes. We require a $100 deposit at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due on or before the day of the event, but prior to the party commencing. Note, deposits can be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and balance payable by EFT or cash only on the day of the party.

We can cater for parties and events for players aged from 7 to 70! Game Vault is suitable for gamers aged 7-years and over. However, any child under the age of 7 must be fully supervised by a parent and/or guardian.

Cancellations made more than 21 days prior to an event will not incur any cancellation fee. Cancellations made between 14 and 21 days prior to an event will only forfeit the full paid deposit as a cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to an event will be charged the full amount of the event. Rescheduling is always an option however, if booking is rescheduled within 21 days of the booking, a rescheduling fee of $50 applies.

Our Game Vault Trailer (GV01) requires at least 15-metres of flat space and is approximately 15m long x 2.5m wide x 3m high. Our Game Vault Truck (GV02) requires at least 10-metres of flat space and is approximately 10m long x 2.5m wide x 3.2m high. The ability to pull straight into curbside parking is preferred. If you don’t have the room at your house, Game Vault can help you arrange for your event to be held at an alternative location – park, beach, business, pool, school, sports field, church, community centre, etc.

Game Vault attends all types of events throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Our Mobile Video Gaming Theatre is ideal for Kids Birthday Parties, Teenager Birthday Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, School Rewards Programs, Festivals, Community/School Fairs, Fundraising Events, Sporting Club Events, End of School Term Parties, Expos, Family Fun Days, Church/Youth Group Programs, Weddings, Gaming Tournaments and much more.

Game Vault can keep the party going even if the street’s power goes out! Our Mobile Video Gaming Theatre is completely self-powered*, however, we also have the ability to connect to the mains power, which is the preferred option. * Additional charges apply. Note: If we do connect to your mains power, it is your responsibility to check that we have re-connected any existing leads correctly at the conclusion of the party. Game Vault and/or our employees will not be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries.

Yes. Additional hours may be booked, or an event may be extended, as long as it doesn’t conflict with previously scheduled events.

While parents are welcome to observe and participate in the gaming, it is normally not necessary as our Game Coach is there to help. Guests who are 16-years and under require a parent or guardian to be on the property and within contact of the game coach should a need to contact them arise. Children who are 6-years and under require at least one adult to be present to help supervise.

By confirming your booking with Game Vault, you agree that the following forms part of your agreement with Game Vault. Game Vault and its employees will not be responsible for any damage to property resulting from a request by the client to position the Mobile Video Gaming Theatre in a specific location. This includes both above ground and below ground property and/or equipment damage. Additionally, Game Vault reserves the right to invoice the client for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from the careless or wilful damage of same by client’s guests. Game Vault and its employees shall not be responsible for any injuries sustained on the client’s property or their designated location. All liability for damages and/or injuries is the sole responsibility of the client and / or host and you indemnify, release and hold harmless Game Vault and its directors proprietors employees and agents in respect of any loss or damage arising. Warning: If you suffer from epilepsy or have had seizures or other unusual reactions to flashing lights or patterns, it is advisable not to participate in the Game Vault Theatre.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive equipment inside the trailer, we do not allow any food or drinks inside Game Vault.

Game Vault is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect on the site to make bookings with Game Vault as simple as possible and to enhance your overall experience. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. By providing your email address, you acknowledge that we may send you email discount offers, special events, and Game Vault news. For more information please view Game Vault Policies here.

We carry a large selection of video games to suit all ages. However, you are welcome to bring along games from home if we cannot provide a particular game. Game Vault highly encourages video games that focus on social gaming, which is why most of our games are multi-player. Some games can also be linked together for an even more competitive and social gaming experience. It is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian to take into consideration the age of the people attending the event and to ensure that the ratings of the video games played are acceptable to all partygoers. If MA15+ and/or R18+ video games are played or viewed during the event, and guests are under this age, it is the responsibility of the parent who is hosting the party to ensure that the parents of the guests are aware of this but have also consented to it and that the parent and/or guardian’s supervision is required and also provided. If you have any questions about game ratings please feel free to call us or visit the Australian Classification website. Warning: If you suffer from epilepsy or have had seizures or other unusual reactions to flashing lights or patterns, it is advisable not to participate in the Game Vault Theatre.