Tween Birthday Party Ideas in Perth

Tween Birthday Party Ideas in Perth

  • April 21,2022
  • Posted By: gamevaultperthadmin

When your son or daughter is in the tween stage, which is 10-12 years old, that is when parents are usually looking for tween birthday party ideas in Perth. This is because at 10-12 years old, kids start finding typical birthday parties a bit babyish.

Here at Game Vault we understand the stress you’re feeling when it comes planning a birthday party for a tween. That’s why we have put together a few tween birthday party ideas.

A Sleepover Party
Tweens still love having sleepovers. As tweens push for more independence, this party can be as simple as ordering a pizza and leaving them alone playing games or watching a movie.

A Pamper Party
Invite a small group of your child’s friends over to practice makeup, paint their nails and trying different hairstyles. Or if you want to make it a bit easier on yourself, speak to Pamper Party Bus. Pamper Party Bus are Perth’s only unique mobile pamper bus for kids parties which presents the special birthday child with a beautiful and glamorous pampering session to embrace with all their friends.

A Karaoke Party
Tweens love to sing. Hire, buy or borrow a karaoke machine for an entertaining birthday party. Make sure you have more than one mic to encourage singalongs!

A Game Truck Party 
Tweens love video games! Whether it be Fortnite, Minecraft, Fifa or Halo, Game Vault bring the gaming fun to you in our limousine style state-of-the-art game truck!

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